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Established in 2005  
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About Us

Buffalo Biodiesel Inc. is a locally owned and operated company. We sell Biodiesel and yellow grease for the production of biodiesel to companies in the USA and abroad. We got into this business for four main reasons.

  • The Economy - Biodiesel supports the American economy but specifically it supports the local economy. We work, live and employ people in Erie and Niagara country.
  • Recycling - We want to do something about the waste oil being produced. It's a messy job but we can keep this stuff out of land fills and ANIMAL FEED. If you are what you eat, you can see the chain. It's a lot easier to make biodiesel from virgin oils but it drives up the price of food globally, which is something that we do not want to support.
  • The Environment - Biodiesel is clearly the better fuel for the environment. It's approved by the EPA as the only real alternative "diesel" fuel and it's chemical emissions are so much lower than Regular # 2 diesel (except NOX). The big seller for me is actually being able to take a wiff of our exhaust and not gagging.
  • The Product - Basically we found that Biodiesel, for it's smell, power, lubricity, environmental benefit and COST- is the better way to go. It's really great stuff and we love it!